Attendance at the shooting of the show Une pilule, une petite granule - 03 March 2015

René Boivin, President and CEO of Novo SST (right) 
accompanied by 2 Novo SST employees: Martine Langlois and
Julie Roy.

In 2014, the employees of Novo SST took part in the Grand Défi Entreprise in collaboration with Pierre Lavoie and the Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec Research Centre. The challenge aimed to improve employee health by encouraging employees to become more active and eat better. All employees had an initial health check in July, then a second one in November. Thanks to their efforts and their physical and dietary goals, many people reduced their waist size, body fat percentage, and cholesterol levels, etc. Some employees even quit smoking.

As part of the Grand Défi Entreprise challenge, Novo SST attended the shooting of the show Une pilule, une petite granule on the Télé-Québec airwaves. Click here to watch the show. Let the Grand Défi Entreprise challenge inspire you to take similar initiatives in your company. A fitter and healthier employee is a more productive employee!

In May, Novo SST will start the 2015 edition of the Grand Défi Entreprise challenge.


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