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Method of payment for the insurance premium to the CNESST

Which employers are required to pay their insurance premium by periodically?

Payroll statement

How is the insurance premium paid to the CNESST?

Are any workers excluded from the payroll allocation?

Are there penalties if I do not submit my payroll statement on time?

What is the payroll statement?

When should I complete and forward my payroll statement to the CNESST?

What is the maximum salary insurable by the CNESST?

What is the minimum salary insurable by the CNESST?

How do I report my payroll if I have several experience files?

Who needs to obtain personal coverage?

Corporate transactions

How does the CNESST determine that there is experience continuation in a corporate transaction?

What impact does the purchase or sale of a business have on my CNESST dues?

General information

What is a classification decision?

What does experience index mean?

What is a customized rate?

What is the Notice of Assessment and what do I do when I receive that document?

What are my options if I disagree with a classification decision?

How is my contribution rate calculated?


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

What is PPE?

Safety group certificate

Where should the certificate be posted?

What is the certificate?

Who sends the certificate to the employer?

Why does the certificate need to be posted?

If the company misplaces its certificate, can it get a new one?

How long should the certificate be posted?

Internal OHS rules

What is an internal OHS policy?

Investigation and analysis

Why do an investigation when an accident occurs, with or without injury?


What is WHMIS?

Active Occupational Health and Safety Committee

What is the Health and Safety Committee (HSC)?

Is an HSC mandatory?

OHS meeting

What is an OHS meeting and why is it useful?

Workplace inspection

What is an inspection system?


What are the employer's obligations in terms of safety?

Emergency measures

What is a contingency plan?

Preventive maintenance of equipment

What is preventive maintenance?

Prevention program

What is a prevention program?


Enrollment and withdrawal

How do I enroll in a safety group?

Who can enroll in a safety group?

What is the deadline for enrolling in a safety group?

How can I enroll another one of my companies in a group?

General information

How can I obtain training on the various topics related to safety groups?

What is a safety group?

What services does my group offer?

What are the benefits of being part of a safety group?

Do I need to sign a contract every year?

What are my obligations as a member of a safety group?


Grievances under section 32

What is a grievance under section 32?

Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT)

What is the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT)?

Claim management

Temporary assignment

What are the benefits of the temporary assignment for the employee?

What are the benefits of the temporary assignment for the employer?

What is a temporary assignment?

When can I make a temporary assignment?

What type of work can be assigned?