Novo SST advantages

The advantages of doing business with a leader

Novo SST is proud to position itself as the leader in the field of safety groups in Quebec. Not only do our safety groups perform the best, they are also the most stable.

Our company is focused on innovation. We devise and implement the methods required to provide our members with the products and services that will improve and maintain their occupational health and safety file.

That’s why we recently created the branch Novo Studio (January 2017 launch), reviewed our client portal, and designed the Novo Plus safety group as well as the Novo Solution safety group for small and medium-sized companies.

These constant improvements enable Novo SST to remain competitive and maintain our position as leader.

The specific advantages of joining a Novo’s safety group

A company that subscribes to a safety group can benefit from the overall experience of the safety group’s group of employers, which has the direct effect of significantly lowering CNESST premiums. 

In addition, participation in a safety group means you can benefit from high-quality services that help your company manage prevention and facilitate the return to work of injured employees.