Transition Group

The Transition Group

The Transition Group is not a safety group. Rather, this is a service that enables businesses with a less positive health and safety record to improve without harming the performance of a safety group. Such companies are therefore not registered in a safety group for the year in progress.

In addition, companies that have been excluded from a safety group by the CNESST or that have been through a corporate transaction that affected their overall health and safety record can also join the Transition Group.

As soon as a Transition Group client meets the eligibility criteria for one of our safety groups, it can join on January 1 of the following year.

Clients in the Transition Group benefit from the same services as in a safety group except for the defence fund (medical expertise and legal representation, if required, are at their own expense).

They enjoy the following services to help improve their occupational health and safety record:

To learn if you are eligible for the Transition Group—or one of our Novo’s safety groups —ask for your free actuarial analysis, and we will respond to your request promptly.