Retrospective plan

Specialized services for companies in a retrospective plan

Novo SST provides large companies subject to the retrospective plan with personalized services to help them maintain and improve their occupational health and safety (OHS) file.

Among other services, these clients enjoy the following benefits, if they wish:

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Novo Studio: New online training platform

Novo Studio goes live in January 2017. This new service unique to Novo SST is an online platform where employers access video content for training purposes.

The Novo Studio portal features a vast choice of animated training sessions and tips to instruct members of your team quickly and efficiently. You can even access the personal progress of your employees live.

To learn all about this product unique to Novo SST, visit the Novo Studio web site.

Actuarial services

Novo SST is distinguished by its expertise. Through an analysis of your occupational health and safety (OHS) file, our actuarial team provides you with the most accurate information, enabling the proper choice of safety group for your company. You can be certain about the exactness of the numbers and savings calculated.

Our experienced actuaries offer:

Prevention service

Novo SST’s prevention service for companies subject to the retrospective plan is unique on the market. Personalized guidance is designed for each client according to their needs and expectations.

As such, a meeting with senior management and a management audit are considered to better identify your needs and to develop an action plan specific to your company. This preferred approach then enables actions to be prioritized with the prevention advisor based on your availability.

Our prevention advisors will assist by developing specifically for you:

Claims management service

This is the most efficient claims management service you will have ever seen. At Novo SST, the priority is your occupational health and safety (OHS) success, and this inevitably depends on claims in the case of accidents.

The success of OHS management in any organization depends on enhanced performance and sustained results according to a proven system. To achieve this, our Claims Management Department offers a wide range of specific services.

The following are some of the several services available according to your needs:

Medical questionnaire for pre-employment or for existing employees

The medical questionnaire for pre-employment or existing employees is an essential tool for selecting successful job applicants. This is a proven, efficient method that is valued by our clients.

The questionnaire ensures:

Recommendation follow-up plan

Following an analysis of the medical questionnaire for pre-employment and existing employees, if functional limitations are identified, we will contact you to offer our employment support services.

These services include, depending on the case: