Safety groups

Novo SST’s safety groups

Novo SST specializes in the management of safety groups. We established five different safety groups to meet the specific needs of each employer. The result is that we’ve become a leader in occupational health and safety (OHS).

Our Novo performance safety groups:

The success of Novo SST’s safety groups

Novo SST is a leader in the Quebec market of safety groups. Why? Simply put, because our safety groups are the highest performing available on the market. Our members enjoy savings that can reach up to 70% of their CNESST premiums.

Novo SST’s success is based on the precise classification of its members in the Novo performance safety group corresponding to their activity sector and risk. We therefore offer five performance safety groups and a transition group to enable you to achieve maximum returns.

Why choose a Novo SST safety group?

Much more than promises… concrete results! On average, Novo SST safety groups lead to savings of 50% on CNESST premiums.

Our exclusive concept

At Novo SST, you benefit from an annual assessment of your risk and your performance based on your accident record. As such, your classification in a safety group can be reviewed up or down according to the analysis of your results by our actuaries.

What group do you belong to? Ask for your free actuarial analysis!

Why prevention?

Four levels of prevention management

Involved and accessible, our team is always available to you to enable the best results and thus the greatest savings!