Retrospective plan

What is the retrospective plan?

The retrospective plan generally applies to large companies or to a parent company (group of companies) whose annual contribution is greater than $400 000 based on membership criteria determined by the CNESST.

The retrospective plan aims to determine an employer’s contribution by translating, as best as possible, the actual cost of the claims charged and associated with a given year. To do so, the CNESST considers the cost of the occupational injuries related to that year and their progression over a period of 48 months. Given that the contribution is determined and then adjusted after claims have occurred, it is called retrospective.

For each calendar year, the contribution adjusted retrospectively after 24 and 48 months is compared to the “initial” contribution (calculated based on the personalized rate – in most cases) paid by the employer for a given year. The difference, i.e. the retrospective adjustment, results in a debit or credit which changes the actual or final contribution higher or lower.

How Novo SST can help you?

Novo SST can help companies that are subject to the retrospective plan to better understand the financial stakes associated with participating in such a plan; estimate the potential gains or costs; and implement programs aimed at minimizing their CNESST contribution. Here are the benefits for you:

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