Safety management

Over the years, Novo SST has increased its efforts to adapt the prevention tools used by large corporations to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, to provide employers with simple tools and practical management methods.

The prevention team has developed a simple, practical evaluation system for measuring the efficacy and impacts of the prevention management initiatives brought in by employers. The system also makes it easier to evaluate prevention performance and zero in on the specific actions needed to help the safety group’s member companies improve.

Novo SST makes annual prevention visits to each member’s workplace(s). During these visits, the safety consultant helps the employer identify risks and create specific action sheets. The visit also gives the safety consultant an opportunity to assess the member’s level of compliance and identify priority items for the member to focus on during the year. Minimum compliance requirements include posting the safety group certificate, developing a prevention program centred on risk identification and control, worker participation in prevention activities, and first aid. The safety consultant can also measure the employer’s compliance and progress in prevention management using an intervention report designed for this purpose. If necessary, the safety consultant can assist the member in creating specific action sheets to meet the requirements of the safety group’s prevention program.

The focus is on prevention, so that all members can improve their financial performance through better control of workplace risks and the potential for accidents. To achieve this, Novo SST has developed a prevention performance research strategy, giving each member of a safety group the opportunity to advance towards an individual prevention goal. Safety group members want to make effective and measurable gains in prevention management. Our strategy allows each member to be ranked within a standard evaluation system that is applied to more than 5,000 businesses in Quebec. This evaluation system provides a way to objectively measure the efforts of each safety group member to achieve one of the prevention performance goals shown in the pyramid below.

Members who do not achieve a passing grade in prevention can undermine the safety group’s performance, and their failure to satisfy the group’s requirements generally results in higher assessments for the other group members.

Novo SST has the resources needed to guide the thinking of safety group members about how to improve their collective performance through better management of the health and safety risks encountered by their workers.

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