Company non-registered in CNESST portal


Complete the CNESST form

You must complete the official CNESST “Authorization to access employer files” form (this document, provided by the CNESST, is only available in French).



To find out who is authorized by the CNESST to sign the form, see the document below

Authorized signing persons


Mail it in!

Send your duly completed form, with the original signature, to the address below:

Novo SST 

Ms Nathalie Savoie
1020 Bouvier Street, Suite 600
Quebec City, Quebec  G2K 0K9


Within 14 days of receipt of your authorization for access form, an Novo SST actuary will prepare your OHS file assessment. This is a free, no-obligation analysis.

Your representative will then contact you to present a personalized report indicating the benefits of enrolling your company in one of Novo SST safety groups.