What is a safety group?

Safety groups are an efficient management tool for increasing the profitability of your organization and for improving management of your occupational health and safety (OHS) file.

Essentially, a safety group is a group of employers that together decide to take charge of the management of their OHS file through concrete action toward prevention in their workplace and toward rehabilitation and return to work for injured employees.

In return, if the results are good, each employer can achieve higher and more stable savings on their CNESST premiums.

Novo SST safety groups: An exclusive concept and sustained performance

Novo SST created a unique formula in which each member of a safety group enjoys maximum savings according to its occupational health and safety (OHS) performance. Novo SST’s safety groups are among the best performing in Quebec. To achieve this, as well as the effective management of our safety groups, we provide clients with turnkey actuarial, prevention, and claims management services, in addition to administrative services for the efficient coordination of activities.


The CNESST stipulates that only employers subject to the unit rate or personalized rate can subscribe to a safety group. Safety groups are open to small, medium, and large companies.

Very large companies subject to the retrospective plan are not eligible. However, if you are in this category of employers, Novo SST offers services specially designed for your situation. See the Retrospective plan section of our Web site.

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