Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire (PEMQ)

Innovation at your service

Novo SST is proud to offer an automated service to fulfill your Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaires (PEMQ) requests.

What are the benefits of a computerized service?

You will be able to make your requests easily, by going directly to Novo SST Customer Center.

The Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire (PEMQ): The Essential Tool for Choosing a Candidate

PEMQ represents a proven means of action, very effective and appreciated by our clients to choose a candidate for a particular job. It is an indispensable tool for human resources management in companies.

This medical questionnaire ensures you:

Upon the reception of the worker completed questionnaire, Novo SST undertakes to

Recommendations follow up plan

Following the PEMQ analysis, in functional limitations are identified, we will contact you to provide our hiring support services.

These services * include, as the case may be:

* These services are extra and fees may apply.